The 4th Historical Film Festival in Cesis Castle is going to happen in the atmosphere of the 800th anniversary of the castle, which evokes an enquiry: what really was the society at the time and context of which the castle was built in Cesis? Many of us today still think of the medieval society uncritically, keeping in mind its formal division in clerics, knights and peasants. This year the historical film festival aims to examine and deconstruct this notion as well as to help the audience rediscover the medieval society as much more varied than we tend to think about it. The program consists of seven excellent, medieval social reality depicting and interpreting films, as well as a set of animation films for children. As the venue of screenings the medieval castle, being a live, authentic historical artifact, mediates the cinematic message and enriches the historical context reconstructed in pictures.

Andrei Rublev
Animated film program for kids
Terry Jones’ Medieval lives
The Profession of Arms
Between Three Plagues
Second Sight
The Name of the Rose
Day of Wrath
Animācijas filmu programma bērniem