The fifth historical film festival at Cesis Medieval Castle is a celebration of the great British renaissance playwright and poet William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Shakespeare’s works have inspired more than 140 screenplays, making the famous Englishman the most-adapated author in film history. Numerous Shakespeare-based films have become classics in their own right, winning international recognition, deeply touching audiences and joining the pantheon of world cinema’s greatest achievements. This year’s programme includes films to interest not just movie buffs but also those with an interest in the world of historical films. Cesis Medieval Castle is a special place in which to experience these historical films and where the organizers are delighted to invite everyone to enjoy Shakespeare’s contribution to the cinematic arts, while at the same time having a memorable emotional and intellectual experience.

Shakespeare: The Animated Tales
In Search of Shakespeare
The Merchant of Venice
Chimes at Midnight
Henry V
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Romeo and Juliet